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Budget analysis for car policies in turbulent times

7 September 2022

Budget analysis for car policies in turbulent times

Employees are getting less and less car for their budget. Earlier this year, we informed several of our customers about price increases in their recent orders, ranging from 12%-20%. These pice increases impact the Total Cost of Ownership of the company car. Figures from Statbel and an analysis from KBC Autolease showed the same conclusions about the price increases. Since car policy budgets are hardly ever indexed, employees are therefore sometimes unable to order the same car as the one they currently have. How should employers go about to prevent such situations? A car policy budget analysis tool is a useful first step to avoid unhappy internal customers.

Why should you have a car policy budget analysis tool?

With our budget analysis tool, we help our clients with how car policy budgets could be reformed to cope with the impact on car supply per policy level.  It helps them to easily create transparency in their car policy: which cars are in which budget? In turbulent times, having frequently refreshed quotes from suppliers, in combination with a budget analysis tool, allows to continuously review budget purchasing power and understand pricing updates. Car offering for the different policy levels and under different budget conditions can be simulated.

See it in action:

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