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Towards Carbonless Mobility – a Let it Fleet white paper

16 October 2021

Towards Carbonless Mobility – a Let it Fleet white paper

Fleet Europe’s Fleet Week was kicked off with a first video podcast featuring our very own Wim Buzzi, Founder and Managing Partner at Let it fleet. We discussed why it is important to go for carbonless employee mobility and what the key steps are to ensure a successful implementation and much more!

Zero Carbon, CO2 Reductions and Sustainability are all on top of the agenda of many Fleet & Mobility Managers across Europe. But how to go about such a strategy and what are the steps to take to ensure corporate compliance?

In the white paper we discussed, we will provide you with insights and tools towards a true carbonless corporate mobility strategy. Get answers to questions like:

  • What is carbonless mobility?
  • How to analyse employee mobility costs and calculate the carbon impact?
  • How to develop an effective roadmap for implementation?
  • How to consolidate new methods and practices, and ensure compliance within the organisation?
  • And much more!

So, are you looking to define a more future-proof mobility strategy?

Make sure to download your free copy!

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