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Complete car policy update

With our complete car policy we simultaneously review the fleet electrification and alternative mobility potential for all employees. After all, the one impacts the other… Our survey tools help refine the alternative mobility potential and budget the resulting cost impact for both employee and employer. Next, our renowned procurement process result in a new supplier mix and newly sourced car models. Finally, as a first step in the transition from TCO to TCM, we evaluate the impact of alternative mobility on the lease cost of the company cars, via our matrix analysis tools.

About Corilus

Corilus is a Belgian firm and market leader in ICT for medical professionals. It supplies software applications for the management of medical records, medical tests and other aspects of information technology used in healthcare, in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Fleet size
Fleet type
FLEET ELECTRIFICATION – future proofing your fleet
FLEET AUDIT – a full scope assessment
CAR POLICY REVIEW – updating the heart of your fleet management
LTR RFP – an end-to-end Procurement Process
MOBILITY AUDIT – understanding the opportunity
Complete car policy update

Corilus / 233 cars

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