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Individual procurement project

This fast-growing Gent-based company reached out to us to help future-proof their fleet approach. New car policy level budgets and the introduction of electrified powertrains were the main focus points for this Let it Fleet project with Itineris. Updating the car policy to modern standards was the logical consequence. An effective car leasing tender allowed us to set TCO-based budgets, and we now facilitate the individual procurement and ordering process between the driver, the selected dealers, the selected leasing companies and HR, to ensure adherence to the car policy and avoid car policy budget overruns.

About Itineris

Itineris, a Ghent-based growth company founded in 2003, supports utilities by providing innovative Customer Information System (CIS), CRM, Asset and Field Services Management solutions for utilities companies. The company has more than 400 employees in Belgium and the VS. The annual turnover amounted to more than 60 million euros in 2021.


Fleet size
Fleet type
FLEET ELECTRIFICATION – future proofing your fleet
CAR POLICY REVIEW – updating the heart of your fleet management
LTR RFP – a 1 Round Procurement Process
FLEET SUPPORT – Bridging Strategy & Execution
Individual procurement project

Itineris / 164 cars

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