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Quick wins on the road to sustainability

9 February 2022

Quick wins on the road to sustainability

Sustainability in the future of vehicle management is… complex. We all agree on the direction of travel: less carbon, more EVs, full sustainability. But that road is long and winding, and it’s easy to get discouraged. To get the ball rolling, we all could do with some quick wins. Our Wim Buzzi sat down with Frank Jacobs from FleetEurope to discuss the most important ones.

Find a sponsor, build a coalition

Sustainability, electrification, decarbonisation – it all boils down to adaptive change management. To increase your chances of success, you need a senior leader in your organisation to act as your sponsor, opening doors for you. Another key role for that sponsor is to help build a coalition of support among important stakeholders in the organisation. Such a coalition will increase the likelihood that your changes succeed.

Change your budget methodology

Making a budget and sticking to it is key to successful fleet management. However, corporate budget methodology is often a bit outdated. Achieving a standardised methodology can be a challenge, especially if you work with different suppliers. In the end, fleet costs must include all cost aspects of running a fleet. However, the after-tax aspect is often overlooked. If you want to properly evaluate BEVs and PHEVs against ICEs, it’s crucial that you switch to an all-inclusive after-tax calculation.

Anticipate delays – start early

Projects such as electrification require changes to be made to your car and mobility policy. It’s a good opportunity to tackle other changes on your To Do list, for example: EV eligibility, charging procedures, and the inclusion of alternative mobility solutions. Keeping in mind that Fleet & Mobility is just one of many topics that require senior leadership’s attention, it’s good to get these changes signed off early, to keep your project timing intact.

Map your drivers’ expectations

A driver profile these days requires more than info on annual mileage, car policy and job grade. To determine the electrification potential and identify obstacles, you need info driving cycles and driving styles, plus data on time spent and distances covered. Moreover, COVID-19 has changed mobility patterns and reduced average corporate mileage by up to 30%. Some of those changes will stay. To get a good picture, take a thorough employee survey. The level of knowledge and expectations of your employees may surprise you. The earlier you know this, the better you can tailor your policies.

 Gather info on mobility solutions

A lot of these topics will be new to you, and maturity and adoption levels will vary per country. So get to know new suppliers and their solutions, via a traditional Request for Information. Focus on more parameters that just pricing: also take into account service levels, innovation, integration possibilities and user experience. Next, build a well-balanced plan that anticipates the main implementation hurdles. The survey mentioned above can help you focus on solutions that are relevant for your company. If you aspire to a zero-carbon policy, look into carbon offsetting – as today at least, completely emission-free solutions do not yet exist.

The original and full FleetEurope article is available here.

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